Jodi has been instrumental in helping me get my nutritional health back on track after years of being on antibiotics.  She has educated me on what and why my body needs certain things and has guided me toward making better nutritional choices. Additionally, she suggested specific supplements that have truly made a difference. The bottom line for me is that I feel better. I am not tired anymore! My original list of complaints is either gone or vastly improved. I’m just sorry it took me so long to finally take into consideration the impact nutrition has on my body.   – Michelle Kelley

Jodi’s approach to food and nutrition is refreshing.  Her knowledge of the subject makes her an authority.   Jodi has a passion for helping families get more out life through eating nutrient dense diets.   She works with each family to make easy transitions and supports them along the way.  She is a blessing to those who have worked with her.  – Andrea Dahlman

I was feeling sluggish, anxious and a bit off my game, and Jodi helped me modify my diet and implement supplements into my regular routine. Since then, I feel more energetic and alert, and at the same time more relaxed and self-confident.  I also have fertility concerns and she recommended nutritional enhancements to help balance my system. Jodi is empathetic and genuine and she really makes you feel like you have a partner to help tackle your goals. Love love! -Shelly Holland

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