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I’m Jodi, a Certified Nutritional Therapist, wife, mother, yoga enthusiast and former journalist and marketing executive.

My nutritional journey was sparked by my youngest child, Max. He was insanely active and struggled with impulse control and focus issues. I read every parenting book and tried every discipline strategy I could find and nothing worked… until we changed his diet.

And then everything changed. It turned out that he was so sensitive to corn, soy and dairy that they completely offset his ability to calm himself down and follow my directions. The moment we removed them from his diet, my little Tasmanian devil transformed into a calm, kind child who was able to sit still and color.
The change was so profound that I decided to assess my daughter, Carly, for nutritional deficiencies as well. She had some anxiety that manifest as fear of dogs, new places and tests at school. Her issues were entirely different as is often the case among siblings. We are all individual and require different nutritional solutions. Her issue had more to do with her inability to digest protein. Proper digestion of protein is required to make neurotransmitters like serotonin that calm you down and keep you happy. When we fixed the underlying digestion issue, the anxiety disappeared.

I found similar results in myself. Characteristics like a short temper and anxiety that I had assumed were just part of my personality disappeared when I shifted my diet to include more whole foods. I was shocked to realize that I had spent years trying to manage these symptoms never thinking to explore the underlying root cause – my body was not getting the optimal nutrition to function properly! As soon as I addressed the root issue, all the symptoms disappeared.

This is the idea behind Vibrant Roots. Many of us are so busy managing our symptoms – our fatigue, anxiety or depression, our children’s hyper-activity, eczema or impulse control – that it never occurs to us to consider the root of the problem.

Vibrant Roots helps individuals and families identify and alleviate the underlying root cause of physical and emotional symptoms to clear the way for vibrant health, intelligence, mood and behavior.

I received my Nutritional Therapy certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association http://nutritionaltherapy.com/ .

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